To build a dress: a lesson in duct tape

This was a piece of two halves: one made at home, one built on-site in the gallery. The skirt is made from bendy MDF covered with aluminium mesh – with what became quite a complex supporting structure of curved wooden strips to give internal support. I’d essentially planned the structure beforehand, but when in the space, I’d left some flexibility to see what the materials did.

Holding it all together became the biggest challenge. After experimentation, duct tape seemed to be the answer. Unill I came back in the next day to see it had all peeled off. Lesson learnt, cheap duct tape isn’t worth it, I needed top stump up for the branded ones (usually advertised by a preditoray animal of some sort).

I also bonded (literally) with my glue gun, which worked particularly well for sticking the 500 false nails on, and securing synthetic wefts of hair. I feel an element of guilt as I didn’t sew a stitch, I’ve relied on ironing (to create the ruffles) and more glue gunning to secure the fabric.

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