One hairball at a time

For my photo series Toilette, I created this wig, which is made from the base of a long blonde wig. On top of that, I built the dome shape (mostly from stuffed tights…) and layered sections of hair over it. The little balls came by accident: I was rolling up the hair I pulled from my hairbrush, and decided that was a great way of adding a variety of hair textures at the end.

Then I created the more traditional curls round the bottom, and the long ponytail round the back. The whole thing was made on a wig block, so it was a relatively traumatic experiences taking it off, but luckily it didn’t collapse, and my willing models managed to wear it.

When on someones head, it has a bit of a life of its own, and I particulaly enjoyed some of the shots where it’s slunk at an angle, or forced the wearer to adopt a particular stance.

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